River City Camera Club

RCCC Memberships & Products

Below are online PayPal memberships (on the left) and Products for the River City Camera Club.  All monies collected pay for the items or go into RCCC's  Treasury to run the organization.

Memberships:  Our season runs annually from September through May.  If you purchase a membership in April or May it will be for the following year.
Couple Memberships are for two individuals living at the same address per year.

Please be sure to enter the information needed to clarify your membership names and shirt sizes in PayPal order. 
All shirts will be delivered at our club meetings.  Larger sizes of shirts will have an additional cost (collected at club) - $3.00 fee for shirts 1X or larger.

NEW:  Lens Cap Grey Card!!  Never get caught without a grey card again.  These cards are 15% grey and are self adhering to any lens cap.

Single: 2021 - 2022 Annual membership to RCCC


Couple: 2021-2022 Annual family membership to RCCC


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